The Discovery of Jesus through Sports


Upward Soccer Camp  l   June 14th-18th  l  2021

We will kick off Upward Soccer with a 5 day camp from June 14th-18th. Camp is open to children 4 years old up to 6th grade and will be held from 5-8pm each evening. The final day (18th) parents are encouraged to join us. 4 year olds attending will be required to have an adult present during each camp day. 
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 Silly Days:

Monday 14th: Silly Sock Day 
Tuesday 15th: Tie Dye Tuesday
Wednesday 16th: Wacky Wednesday (Wear wacky mis-matched clothes)
Thursday 17th: Wear all one color day 
Friday 18th: Camp T-Shirts


Q: When is Camp?
A: June 14th-18th from 5-8pm
Q: What ages can register for camp?
A: Children 4 years old up to 6th grade can register for camp. 4 year olds must be 4 by the first night of camp.
Q: Do I need to purchase cleats and shin guards for camp?
A: We recommend cleats and shin guards, but they are not required to attend camp. We recognize that some are trying soccer for the first time and want to see if their children like it before investing in those purchases. 
Q: Where is camp held?
A: Camp is at the Selinsgrove Church of the Nazarene. 543 West Sassafras St. Selinsgrove, PA 17870. We will meet at the end of the parking lot down by the ball field.
Q: How do you group the children?
A: Groupings will be determined based on the number of players registered. The goal for this year is to break children up in the following groupings:
-4 years old-Kindergarten

Upward Soccer League  l  Fall 2021

 We plan to promote an Upward Soccer League in the Fall of 2021. More information to come! 
For questions please contact Kaitlin Scholl (570) 374-0028 ext 223 or kaitlinscholl@gmail.com